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Natural Mineral Cabochons decorated with Steampunk decor, each brooch pin back can include a pendant converter to be worn as a necklace piece as well. 



Calming, Peace, and Balance

Moss Agate

Encourages tranquility and emotional balance

Rose Quartz

Sensitivity, Love, Confidence

K2, also known as “K2 Granite” and “Raindrop Azurite ”

Helps strengthen the third eye to enhance psychic abilities on all levels

Bumblebee Jasper


Energizes you, Promotes complete happiness and joy

Septarian, also referred to as Dragon Stone


Repair emotional body

Blue Opal

Balance Metabolism, Eases in Mineral absorption, and eases fatigue


Helps to heal emotional trauma for both past and present

Silver Sheen Obsidian

Improves perception, sharpens the senses and intellect


A stone of insight and mental enhancement


Connection, Attraction, Healing

Natural Mineral Brooches with Steampunk Décor

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